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jhipster / generator-jhipster

Hipster stack for Java developers. Spring Boot + Angular in one handy generator.

java hipster stack developers yeoman maven

este / este

Dev stack and starter kit for functional and universal (browser, server, mobile) React apps

coffeescript robust comfortable dev stack isomorphic

node-opcua / node-opcua

an implementation of a OPC UA stack fully written in javascript and nodejs

javascript implementation opc ua stack fully

ericmdantas / generator-ng-fullstack

Client, server or fullstack - it's up to you. ng-fullstack gives you the best of the latest: Node, Go, http/2, Angular 1, Angular 2, Express, MongoDB, Gulp, Babel, Typescript and much more.

javascript generation stack latest modules iojs

locomotivecms / steam

The rendering stack used by both Wagon and Station (new name of the engine). It includes the rack stack and the liquid drops/filters/tags.

ruby rendering stack wagon station engine

sportarchive / CloudTranscode

Cloud Transcode - Distributed transcoding stack using Amazon AWS and FFMpeg

php cloud transcode distributed transcoding stack

GetValkyrie / valkyrie

Valkyrie is an opinionated local dev stack that makes features/git based Drupal development easy.

puppet valkyrie opinionated local dev stack

sportarchive / CloudProcessingEngine

Open source stack using AWS services to dispatch Tasks across workers

php open source stack aws services

strands-project / scitos_2d_navigation

The scitos_2d_navigation stack holds common configuration options for running the 2D navigation stack on a Scitos A5 robot.

scitos_2d_navigation stack holds common configuration options

ArcticEcho / Phamhilator

.Net based spam/low quality post detector for Stack Exchange. Headquarters: http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/773/low-quality-posts-hq

net based quality post detector stack

shalomeir / snippod-boilerplate

webapp + server full stack architecture boilerplate using "react+reflux"(front) and "django REST framework"(server) This is not yet completed. Ongoing right now. So *do not use* until now.

javascript webapp server full stack architecture

flask-kr / favorites.so

favorites.so is organization service for favorites on Stack Overflow.

javascript favoritesso organization service favorites stack

bechtoldt / saltstack-opennebula-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure the cloud management platform OpenNebula

saltstack salt stack formula set configure

Unihedro / JChatExchange

A Java library for programmatically talking to Stack Exchange chat. Primary channel on Stack Overflow Chat: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/139/java

java library programmatically talking stack exchange

moajs / moa

Moajs is a full stack framework based expressjs、mongoose、bluebird、mocha.

javascript moajs full stack framework based

timmyomahony / django-pagedown

A django app that allows the easy addition of Stack Overflow's "PageDown" markdown editor to a django form field, whether in a custom app or the Django Admin

python django app easy addition stack

bechtoldt / saltstack-network-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure a host's network configuration

saltstack salt stack formula set configure

lbdremy / node-httperror

HTTPError class extends Error (stack in). var err = new HTTPError(req,res,message);

javascript httperror class extends error stack

bechtoldt / saltstack-salt-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure the central system and configuration manager Salt Stack itself

saltstack salt stack formula set configure

bikestorming / lightsaber

An elegant stack to ship civic apps that are mobile and open

javascript elegant stack ship civic apps

AgileAce / primo.js

Open source full stack JavaScript project priority application

javascript open source full stack project

Koos85 / skyline

It'll detect your anomalies! Part of the Kale stack.

python detect anomalies part kale stack

akisssa / TraceKit

Attempts to create stack traces for unhandled JavaScript exceptions in all major browsers.

javascript attempts create stack traces unhandled

richlewis42 / scikit-chem

Quick attempt at a python scientific stack compatable cheminformatics library, based on the RDKit library.

python quick attempt scientific stack compatable

bechtoldt / saltstack-cron-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure cron, a daemon to execute scheduled commands

saltstack salt stack formula set configure

bechtoldt / saltstack-powerdns-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure PowerDNS, a DNS software suite

saltstack salt stack formula set configure