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mirumee / saleor

Gitter got replaced by GitHub. Please use the following links to rejoin the community! https://github.com/saleor

python shiver timbers satchless-based store

LearningLocker / learninglocker

The Open Source Learning Record Store - https://learninglocker.net

javascript open source learning record store

VeliovGroup / Meteor-Files

Upload, Store and Download small and huge files to/from file system (FS) via DDP and HTTP

coffeescript upload store download small huge

Flipkart / foxtrot

A store abstraction and analytics system for real-time event data.

java store abstraction analytics system real-time

blockstack / blockstack-server

Key-value store for name registration and data storage on the Bitcoin blockchain

python key-value store registration data storage

jsonresume / registry-server

Upload and store your resume on our registry servers or host your own

javascript upload store resume registry servers

WildGums / Orc.Metadata

Classes that make it easy to store metadata about objects

classes make easy store metadata objects


Centralized logging system to collect and store all log events from all environments.

go centralized logging system collect store

brianpetro / hashids_rails

Use hashids.rb to store ActiveRecord IDs in URL non-obviously.

ruby hashidsrb store activerecord ids url

robmccoll / stinger

The STINGER in-memory graph store and dynamic graph analysis platform. Millions to billions of vertices and edges at thousands to millions of updates per second.

stinger in-memory graph store dynamic analysis

ottemo / store-ng

Reference implementation of the Ottemo Store built in AngularJS

javascript reference implementation ottemo store built

klistofar / laravel-postgresql-simple-xml-crawling

Recursively crawling XML content and store it into PostgreSQL db (for small XML files with specific structure, 20-30-40 KB)

php recursively crawling xml content store

niltonvasques / dotfiles

My personal repo to store dotfiles used by some programs, like vim, tmux e etc.

viml personal repo store dotfiles programs

JayBeavers / chronozoomforwindows

A Windows 8 application for hosting ChronoZoom in the Windows App Store

windows application hosting chronozoom app store

Nipher / bongo.js

Store and query massive amounts of structured data on the browser.

javascript store query massive amounts structured

INCF / eeg-database

EEG/ERP portal enables community researchers to store, update, download and search data and metadata from EEG/ERP experiments. The system is developed as a standalone product; the database access is available through a web interface.

java portal enables community researchers store

limpyd / redis-limpyd

Provide an easy way to store python objects in Redis, without losing the power and the control of the Redis API

python provide easy store objects redis

nicolasleger / mongo_session_store

Rails session store class implemented for MongoMapper and Mongoid or any other MongoDB ODM

ruby rails session store class implemented