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billryan / algorithm-exercise

Data Structure and Algorithm. leetcode/lintcode题解/算法学习笔记

python data structure algorithm

TehShrike / abstract-state-router

Like ui-router, but without all the Angular. The best way to structure a single-page webapp.

javascript ui-router angular structure single-page webapp

AkronCodeClub / sicp-study-group

A study group to work through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP)

study group work structure interpretation computer

lancewalton / treelog

Allows logging in a tree structure so that comprehensive logging does not become incomprehensible

scala logging tree structure comprehensive incomprehensible

SC5 / cerebellum

Cerebellum.js is a powerful set of tools that help you structure your isomorphic apps, just add your preferred view engine.

javascript cerebellumjs powerful set tools structure

agendor / sample-hapi-rest-api

A sample structure for building a REST API on top of hapi.js framework

javascript sample structure building rest api

carlosrojas / halfedge_mesh

A halfedge mesh data structure for triangulated meshes in Python

python halfedge mesh data structure triangulated

trusktr / famous-angular

Bring structure to your Famo.us apps with the power of AngularJS. Famo.us/Angular integrates seamlessly with existing Angular and Famo.us apps.

javascript bring structure famous apps power

Crystal-Clear / codecrystal

A tool to create a visualisation of the file structure of your GitHub repo and display it as a badge in your READme

javascript tool create visualisation file structure

flajann2 / k-tree

Ruby K-Tree is a data structure that represents a generalization of Quadtrees and Octrees

ruby k-tree data structure represents generalization

tmbdev / iulib

The iulib Image Understanding and colib Data Structure Libraries.

iulib image understanding colib data structure

tarciosaraiva / nodecreate

Bootstraps a new Node.JS app providing some structure to the developer

javascript bootstraps nodejs app providing structure

sowcow / to_tag

structure pieces of information with tags, build static web UI, publish and collaborate on github

javascript structure pieces information tags build