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amjith / pgcli

Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting. Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1839007321/mysql-cli

python postgres cli autocompletion syntax highlighting

Gozala / wisp

Homoiconic JS with clojure syntax, s-expressions & macros

wisp homoiconic js clojure syntax s-expressions

PrismJS / prism

Lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting. A spin-off project from Dabblet.

javascript lightweight robust elegant syntax highlighting

syrusakbary / pyjade

Jade syntax adapter for Django, Jinja2 and Mako templates

python jade syntax adapter django jinja2

hyper-pokemon / Lobby

ハイパーポケモン HQ - 🌈🐱 Home of the wondrous, tailor-made Pokémon themes for the Hyper terminal! https://hyper-pokemon.github.io/

hyper-pokemon pokemon hyper hyperterm hyperterminal theme syntax terminal ui hyper-theme color-scheme pokemons pikachu

taiansu / generator-rf

RF: React/Flux generator with webpack and CoffeeScript/LiveScript + JSX syntax (cjsx) support

javascript rf generator webpack jsx syntax

coopermaruyama / apathy-theme

Please give feedback about how you think we can improve this syntax theme!

css apathy atom syntax theme

abackstrom / pelican

Static blog generator in Python, using Markdown/reST syntax

python static blog generator syntax

PaLTree / notepad-lang-specification

The Specification of Notepad Language. Please discuss the syntax etc about notepad-lang on this repo.

specification notepad language discuss syntax notepad-lang

xuwei-k / zeroapply

zero cost Apply/Applicative syntax

scala cost syntax

redguardtoo / cpputils-cmake

Easy real time C++ syntax check and intellisense if you use CMake

easy real time syntax check intellisense

jlipps / monocle-js

Library for using a readable blocking-like syntax with event-driven Javascript code

javascript library readable blocking-like syntax event-driven

RazerM / APDL-Syntax

APDL (ANSYS) syntax highlighting package for Sublime Text.

apdl ansys syntax highlighting package sublime

hyzhak / lazy-fs

Extension to add functional syntax to the file system. Use Lazy.js https://github.com/dtao/lazy.js under the hood.

javascript extension add functional syntax file