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robbyrussell / oh-my-zsh

We've moved the server to Discord, see discord.gg/ohmyzsh

oh-my-zsh zsh shell terminal

sethvincent / javascripting

Learn JavaScript by adventuring around in the terminal.

javascript learn adventuring terminal

hyper-pokemon / Lobby

ハイパーポケモン HQ - 🌈🐱 Home of the wondrous, tailor-made Pokémon themes for the Hyper terminal! https://hyper-pokemon.github.io/

hyper-pokemon pokemon hyper hyperterm hyperterminal theme syntax terminal ui hyper-theme color-scheme pokemons pikachu

DTVD / rainbowstream

A smart and nice Twitter client on terminal wrote by Python.

python smart nice twitter client terminal

finalterm-reborn / Lobby

Support and general discussion for FinalTerm.

vala terminal Gtk+

andrepadez / bashstrap

Bootstrap for your terminal. A quick way to spruce up OSX terminal. It cuts out the fluff, adds in timesaving features, and provides a solid foundation for customizing your terminal style. Based on Mathias Bynens epic dotfiles - https://github.com/mathiasbynens/dotfiles

shell bootstrap terminal quick spruce osx

thegengen / jiro

A minimalistic, light theme for iTerm, Terminal and console vim.

viml minimalistic light theme iterm terminal

nobuh / napple1

Apple I emulator on a text terminal or console. using ncurses,

apple emulator text terminal console ncurses

SShrike / tutil

A toolbox written in Rust for developing command line applications.

rust utilities library terminal