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nodatime / nodatime

A better date and time API for .NET

date time api net

supercollider / supercollider

THIS CHAT IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MONITORED. Please join the Slack team instead!

programming language real time audio synthesis

manahl / arctic

High performance datastore for time series and tick data

python high performance datastore time series

yify-pop / yify-pop

Inspired by Popcorn Time, a node web server to stream torrents from YIFY. Built using Geddy and the peerflix library.

javascript inspired popcorn time node web

FCCWebCrafts / timeCoordinatorApp

An app that helps people across different time zones easily figure out when they are both available. This is a student project from FreeCodeCamp.

javascript app helps people time zones

GeniusesOfSymfony / NotificationBundle

Real time notification, support multi pushers (websocket, redis), PubSub

php real time notification support multi

uttesh / ngtimeago

time ago angularjs plugin allow to show the time in human readable firmat....for example like few time ago,,,,,hours ago,,,,etc

javascript time ago angularjs plugin show

ArchiveTeam / IA.BAK

We back up a lot of stuff from around the web; now it's time to back up the Internet Archive, just in case.

shell back lot stuff web time

problem / trails

Trails is a simple tool for tracking your time and billing your clients. It is in Alpha.

javascript trails simple tool tracking time

binary-com / perl-Time-Duration-Concise-Localize

Another approach to convert time duration concise string to time duration and localize it in your own language

perl approach convert time duration concise

Jayden0306 / Rebuild-website-HTML5

This is my first time rebuilding the website using semantic HTML5 architecture.

time rebuilding website semantic html5 architecture

trails / trails

Trails helps contractors track time & invoice clients. Tweet at us with questions @trailstracks

javascript trails helps contractors track time

meteorhacks / kdb

ACID High Performance Time Series DB for any kind of storage - No it isn't

go acid high performance time series

semu / timesheet.js

JavaScript library for simple HTML5 & CSS3 time sheets

javascript library simple html5 css3 time

redguardtoo / cpputils-cmake

Easy real time C++ syntax check and intellisense if you use CMake

easy real time syntax check intellisense

StephenOTT / GitHub-Time-Tracking

Use GitHub to Track Time and Budgets for your Development Projects(and really anything else you use GitHub for) - Ruby app that analyzes GitHub Issue Comments, Milestones, and Code Commit Messages for Time Tracking and Budget Tracking information

ruby github track time budgets development

tdlm / os-x-self-destruct

Deletes files/folders in OS X based on a time specified in tags.

shell deletes os based time tags

Intrepidd / working_hours

A modern ruby gem allowing to do time calculation with business / working hours.

ruby modern gem allowing time calculation

justfalter / travis-backlog-probe

This is just a dumb way for me to find the amount of time that elapses between queuing a job to Travis and when it actually starts.

ruby dumb find amount time elapses

Olical / vim-enmasse

Edit every file in a quickfix list at the same time

viml edit file quickfix list time

DevShare / git-time-log

Provides statistics for tilde-based time entries in commit messages

javascript statistics tilde-based time entries commit

kejace / henceworth.org

adverb - deserving of from this or that time on

haskell adverb deserving time

jstrength / pebble_face

Just messing around with Pebble Smartwatch for the first time. This is a watchface that displays an image of a person and the time next to it.

messing pebble smartwatch time watchface displays

albertboada / tlog

Just another time logger web-application for your personal projects.

ruby time logger web-application personal projects