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scalatra / scalatra

Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra

scala tiny high-performance async web framework

goatslacker / iso

Tiny helper function for rendering JS on the server side and then bootstrapping on the client

javascript tiny helper function rendering js

leeluolee / stateman

A tiny foundation that providing nested state-based routing for complex web application.

javascript tiny foundation providing nested state-based

DarkEnergyScienceCollaboration / Twinkles

10 years. 6 filters. 1 tiny patch of sky. Thousands of time-variable cosmological distance probes.

years filters tiny patch sky thousands

GlassUmbrella / gutruncate

Tiny jQuery plugin to truncate text with a knockout js binding handler.

javascript tiny jquery plugin truncate text

philpl / sprint

A tiny, lightning fast jQuery-like library for modern browsers.

javascript tiny lightning fast jquery-like library

dramalho / digital-life-graph

Tiny bit of helper code to build a simple service / device usage graph

coffeescript tiny bit helper code build

simpleweb / puppet-boris

A Puppet module for installing Boris, a tiny, but robust REPL for PHP.

puppet module installing boris tiny robust

parshap / js-object-path

A tiny Node.js utility to access deep properties using a path

javascript tiny nodejs utility access deep

noqqe / statistical

statistical is a tiny easy-to-use bash script for visualizing simple data in your terminal.

shell statistical tiny easy-to-use bash script

mkb / riak-shim

A tiny shim between you and riak-client. Reads database config and handles a little plumbing for marshalling and unmarshalling your models.

ruby tiny shim riak-client reads database

bubble8773 / TinyTextD3D11

This repository contains an updated version of James Bird's Tiny Text rendering library. I updated this library for D3D11 and provided C# bindings that integrate seamlessly with SlimDX. The original Tiny Text rendering library can be obtained at http://www.jb101.co.uk/2009/05/29/tiny-text-rendering-library-for-directx-10/

repository updated version james bird tiny

alash3al / Horus

a tiny portable php tiny framework that focused on strong code-base and better performance

php tiny portable framework focused strong

kyab / mruby_web_ledcontrol

source code for Tiny Web Server (mruby on STM32F4Discovery + Wifi module). see http://d.hatena.ne.jp/kyab/20130810

source code tiny web server mruby

nblackburn / gridlock

A tiny, dynamic grid system that works with you, not against you.

html tiny dynamic grid system works

bpteam / php-file

tiny and slow ;) php classes for work with files

php tiny slow classes work files

mubaidr / gifffer

A tiny JavaScript library that prevents the autoplaying of the animated Gifs

javascript tiny library prevents autoplaying animated