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saaskit / saaskit

A .NET toolkit for building SAAS (Software As A Service) applications.

net toolkit building saas software service

RBMHTechnology / eventuate

Global-scale event sourcing and event collaboration with causal consistency

scala toolkit event sourcing global scale

etetoolkit / ete

ETE (Environment for Tree Exploration) is a python toolkit intended for tree analysis and visualization. It provides both a comprehensive API to manipulate and operate with trees in a programmatic way, as well as a number of command line tools to easily compare, annotate, modify or render tree images. ETE is currently developed as a research tool in the context of genomics and phylogenetics, providing several specific modules for orthology and paralogy prediction, NCBI taxonomy queries, multiple sequence alignment integration and more.

python ete environment tree exploration toolkit

fatiando / fatiando

Python tools for Geophysics | Room for general discussion, questions, and development updates

python toolkit modeling inversion geophysics

unexpectedjs / unexpected

The extensible BDD assertion toolkit + webpack support hotline :)

javascript minimalistic bdd assertion toolkit

pixelhumain / pixelhumain

Generic & Modulare Citizen Toolkit (Php , MongoDB, REstfull API, Boostrap)

javascript generic modulare citizen toolkit php

Spirals-Team / powerapi

PowerAPI is a middleware toolkit for building software-defined power meters

scala powerapi middleware toolkit building software-defined

ngageoint / mrgeo

MrGeo (MapReduce Geo) is a geospatial toolkit designed to provide raster-based geospatial capabilities that can be performed at scale. MrGeo is built upon the Hadoop ecosystem to leverage the storage and processing of hundreds of commodity computers.

java mrgeo mapreduce geo geospatial toolkit

dfm / emcee

The Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC

python ensemble sampling toolkit affine-invariant mcmc

trigger / trigger

Trigger is a robust network automation toolkit written in Python that was designed for interfacing with network devices.

python trigger robust network automation toolkit

nigelsmall / py2neo

Py2neo is a comprehensive toolkit for working with Neo4j from within Python applications or from the command line. The library has no external dependencies and has been carefully designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

python py2neo comprehensive toolkit working neo4j

gaelyk / gaelyk

A lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine Java

groovy lightweight toolkit google app engine

d-gamedev-team / gfm

D gamedev toolkit. 3D maths, language-friendly wrappers, stb_image port., etc...

d gamedev toolkit 3d maths language-friendly

hugadams / scikit-spectra

Python pandas-based toolkit for explorative spectroscopy, in particular UVVis spectroscopic data.

python pandas-based toolkit explorative spectroscopy uvvis

jrkerns / pylinac

A TG-142 toolkit for doing routine linear accelerator quality assurance

python tg-142 toolkit routine linear accelerator

ianrose / typesettings

A Sass toolkit that sets type in Ems based on modular scale, vertical rhythm, and responsive ratio based headlines.

css sass toolkit sets type ems

emojidex / emojidex

Core tools for emojidex / full emojidex toolkit written in Ruby

ruby core tools emojidex full toolkit