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thoughtbot / neat

A semantic, fluid grid framework on top of Sass and Bourbon

css semantic fluid grid framework top

amber-smalltalk / amber

An implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JS runtime

javascript implementation smalltalk language runs top

JoelOtter / termloop

Terminal-based game engine for Go, built on top of Termbox

go terminal-based game engine built top

justeat / JustSaying

A light-weight message bus on top of AWS services (SNS and SQS).

light-weight message bus top aws services

BoofPC / chat

Zork: http://almy.us/image/dungeon.jpg http://www.thezorklibrary.com/zork123.php | Beginners' IF: http://ifdb.tads.org/viewlist?id=3qb4ujaf5nqz5mp8 http://ifdb.tads.org/viewlist?id=dqbqekz1zkxw5u1 (Play On-Line in the top right)

zork beginners play on-line top

mono / f-spot

Desktop Photo Management software built on top of the Gnome platform, F-Spot

desktop photo management software built top

firebug / firebug.next

Next Firebug generation built on top of native Firefox developer tools

javascript firebug generation built top native

moravianlibrary / MEditor

Volná diskuse kolem Meditoru. Pokud máte ovšem konkrétní problém, založte prosím issue na Github a sem vložte pouze odkaz.

java digitization information system build top

vinipsmaker / tufao

Tufão asynchronous web framework for C++/Qt | development and discussion | Mirror irc://irc.freenode.net/#tufao

asynchronous web framework built top qt

pythonhub / quokka

Flask powered CMS on top of mongoengine/MongoDB (WIP)

javascript flask powered cms top wip

mcollina / levelgraph

Graph database built on top of LevelUP with pattern-matching and join support. Works on both Node.js and the browsers.

javascript graph database built top levelup

Bumblebee / Bumblebee

A layer on top of the Selenium browser automation library.

layer top selenium browser automation library

remind101 / empire

A PaaS built on top of Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)

go paas built top amazon ec2

AgileVentures / AgileVentures

Top level Agile Ventures site with support for all projects

top level agile ventures site support

Gazler / teaspoon

Teaspoon: A Javascript test runner built on top of Rails - use Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit in the browser or headlessly using PhantomJS or with Selenium Webdriver.

javascript teaspoon test runner built top

hailocab / gocassa

A high level Cassandra library in Go, on top of gocql

go high level cassandra library top

tournasdim / Laravel4noobs

Skeletons of web-applications build on top of Laravel 4 , Twitter's Bootstrap and Jquery . Each branch implements a different architectural design , which can be used as a starting point to learn Laravel 4 .

php skeletons web-applications build top laravel

fjolnir / Tranquil

A scripting language is built on top of the Objective-C runtime, and ABI compatible with Objective-C.

objective-c scripting language built top runtime

adamelso / rapid-transit

A (not yet continuous) deployment app built on top of Symfony 2.6+ - A lot of work in progress!

php continuous deployment app built top

tournasdim / sample-MVC-with-Symfony2-components

A sample MVC app build on top of Symfony2 and Laravel4 components (also Twig , Pure and Jquery)

php sample mvc app build top