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angular-ui / ui-grid

Discussions concerning ui-grid 4.0 development. See the tutorials: http://ui-grid.info/docs/#/tutorial

javascript discussions ui-grid development ui grid

angular / material

AngularJS Material: Material Design component library for AngularJS (1.x). Use angular/material2 channel for Angular Material (v2+).

angularjs javascript material ui

Semantic-Org / Semantic-UI

Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language. Forkable JSFiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/ca0rovs3/

javascript semantic ui component framework based

OnsenUI / OnsenUI

ATTENTION! Community chat has moved to Discord - https://discord.gg/JWhBbnE

javascript onsen ui custom elements-based html5

facebook / litho

A declarative UI framework for Android.

android ui

mgarin / weblaf

WebLaF - Java Look and Feel library for cross-platform Swing applications

java laf lookandfeel weblaf ui swing desktop

ngx-spinner / community

The community to discuss about ngx-spinner related issues/help.

angular javascript ui loading spinner loader

miketheprogrammer / go-thrust

Cross Platform UI Kit powered by Blink/Chromium Content Lib

go cross platform ui kit powered

atc- / docker-registry-ui

A web UI for easy private/local Docker Registry integration

groovy web ui easy docker registry

mozilla-b2g / gaia

Gaia is a HTML5-based Phone UI for the Boot 2 Gecko Project. NOTE: For details of what branches are used for what releases, see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Release_Management/B2G_Landing

javascript gaia html5-based phone ui boot

nafg / reactive

A simple FRP library and a web UI framework built on it

scala simple frp library web ui

anthonyshort / deku

THIS CHANNEL IS DEPRECATED - Use https://dekujs.herokuapp.com/

javascript functional view library building ui

hyper-pokemon / Lobby

ハイパーポケモン HQ - 🌈🐱 Home of the wondrous, tailor-made Pokémon themes for the Hyper terminal! https://hyper-pokemon.github.io/

hyper-pokemon pokemon hyper hyperterm hyperterminal theme syntax terminal ui hyper-theme color-scheme pokemons pikachu

dbachelder / CreditCardEntry

Smooth UI for Credit Card Entry on Android device, regex check for supported credit card types and luhn check. Inspired by Square credit card entry interface

java smooth ui credit card entry

paulrouget / firefox.html

Firefox.html is an experiment: trying to re-implement the Firefox UI in HTML.

javascript firefoxhtml experiment re-implement firefox ui

koding / kd

a non-document focused UI Framework for web applications.

coffeescript non-document focused ui framework web

segmentio / deku

A simple library for creating UI components using virtual DOM.

javascript simple library creating ui components

Mitranim / atril

Experimental web UI framework. Ideas from ReactJS, Polymer, Angular 2, Aurelia, made simple.

javascript experimental web ui framework ideas

KoryNunn / fastn

Create ultra-lightweight UI components

javascript ui components