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locustio / locust

This channel is retired in favor of Slack. Sign up at: https://slack.locust.io

python scalable user load testing tool

langateam / sails-permissions

Comprehensive user permissions and entitlements system for sails.js and Waterline. Supports user authentication with passport.js, role-based permissioning, object ownership, and row-level security.

javascript comprehensive user permissions entitlements system

scalafx / scalafx

ScalaFX simplifies creation of JavaFX-based user interfaces in Scala.

scala scalafx simplifies creation javafx-based user

SOASTA / boomerang

End user oriented web performance testing and beaconing

javascript end user oriented web performance

waterlock / waterlock

User authentication and json web token handling for Sails

javascript user authentication json web token

gotar / TRUG

Przeniesione na Slack: https://3cityit.slack.com

javascript ruby user group

langateam / sails-auth

Passport-based User Authentication system for sails.js applications. Designed to work well with the sails-permissions module.

javascript passport-based user authentication system sailsjs

angular-ui / ui-mask

Mask on an input field so the user can only type pre-determined pattern

javascript mask input field user type

andrewrk / groovebasin

Music player server with a web-based user interface. Own your music.

javascript music player server web-based user

jedireza / aqua

A website and user system (Hapi/React/Flux)

javascript website user system

scriptish / scriptish

The greatest user script engine on the Internet (a fork of Greasemonkey).

javascript greatest user script engine internet

klistofar / laravel5-sample

User login/logout, user registration and forgot password options.

css user registration forgot password options

tcnksm / ghr

Easily ship your project to your user using Github Releases

go easily ship project user github

octalmage / mDesktop

mDesktop is a lightweight application that allows the user to utilize multiple virtual desktops.

autohotkey mdesktop lightweight application user utilize

roymcfarland / refactoru-node4-magellans-voyage

Created a site that takes the user on a virtual tour of Magellan's voyage circumnavigating the globe. Each page is a separate stop on the voyage.

javascript created site takes user virtual

unicorn-fail / dreditor

A browser extension for Drupal.org that enhances user experience and functionality.

javascript browser extension drupalorg enhances user drupal dreditor

rbsl-shakuntala / JoomlaXi-Redriect-To-Edit-Profile

This extension will redirect user to edit profile page when Required field(mandatory fields)of JomSocial are empty. Administrator can be forced to complete user-profile before user goes anywhere else. Or admin can redirect him once on login. This plugin can also check for Not-Required field, if mentioned in backend.

php extension redirect user edit profile

abreksa4 / bbp-user-online-status

A Wordpress plugin to show user online/offline statuses in bbpress topics and replies

php wordpress plugin show user statuses

dl4jjp / public

[Under construction]Deep Learning 4j Japan User's group channel.

learning 4j japan user group channel

MuhammadHewedy / ObjectMapper

Project used to convert NSDictaionry to Custom user objects. It can used with JSON parsing libraries (JSONKit, SBJSON, etc) to convert the returned NSDictionary and NSArray into custom user objects

objective-c project convert nsdictaionry custom user

dre1080 / warden

More than just a user database auth package for FuelPHP

php user database auth package fuelphp

xdothackerx / zoobit

A virtual pet web app, with each user able to have many pets

css virtual pet web app user

Maddimax / icedcoffee

A lightweight OpenGL user interface framework written in Objective-C

objective-c lightweight opengl user interface framework

yassineS / s3getlist

A simple script that allows the user to download a list of files from an AWS S3 bucket.

simple script user download list files