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scala-android / sbt-android

An easy-to-use sbt plugin for working with all Android projects

scala easy-to-use sbt plugin working android

scodec / scodec

Most discussion is on Typelevel Discord: https://discord.gg/bSQBZA3Ced

scala combinator library working binary data

biocore / scikit-bio

Core objects, functions and statistics for working with biological data in Python.

python core objects functions statistics working

MongoEngine / mongoengine

A Python Object-Document-Mapper for working with MongoDB

python working mongodb

egoboo / egoboo

Egoboo is a working cool 3D dungeon crawling game in the spirit of NetHack for Windows, Linux and Mac.

c egoboo working cool 3d dungeon

swimlane / angular-model-factory

angular-model-factory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy! https://swimlane.github.io/angular-model-factory

javascript makes working restful apis

emlid / ardupilot

APM port for Navio. Working branch is navio. Instructions are available here:

apm port navio working branch instructions

ruby-rdf / rdf

RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data.

ruby rdfrb pure-ruby library working resource

goldmann / docker-squash

A swiss-knife tool that could be useful for people working with Docker

python swiss-knife tool people working docker

nigelsmall / py2neo

Py2neo is a comprehensive toolkit for working with Neo4j from within Python applications or from the command line. The library has no external dependencies and has been carefully designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

python py2neo comprehensive toolkit working neo4j

AnyBody-Research-Group / AnyPyTools

Python tools and utilities for working with the AnyBody Modelling System

python tools utilities working modelling system

rtyler / jruby-gradle-plugin

A Gradle plugin for working with JRuby projects for fun and profit. Mostly profit.

groovy gradle plugin working jruby projects

developit / sleeper

A high-level network abstraction that makes working with REST APIs simple.

javascript high-level network abstraction makes working

rit-sse / ayn-rand

Self-made men and women working individually to build a brighter future for themselves

self-made men women working individually build

gstack / bayos

working title. the-be-all-end-all of javascript kernels. anyone can help out!

working title the-be-all-end-all javascript kernels

w3c / csvw

Documents produced by the CSV on the Web Working Group

html documents produced csv web working

bio4j / angulillos

Java 8 library for working with strongly typed graph data in a generic way

java library working strongly typed graph

alexruperez / PFLinkedInUtils

The #PFLinkedInUtils class provides utility functions for working with #LinkedIn in a #Parse application.

objective-c class utility functions working application

timmwagener / helga

Pipeline repo for our diploma movie with the working title "Helga". Contains the script environment for our DCCs like Maya, Houdini, Nuke etc.

python pipeline repo diploma movie working

bionode / bionode-ncbi

Node.js module for working with the NCBI API (aka e-utils).

javascript nodejs module working ncbi api

mburger89 / gitCreative

this is a project that I am going working on to opensource creativity

ruby project working opensource creativity

hoop33 / hc

hc is a command-line tool for working with hex colors. It's written in Objective-C and runs on Mac OS X.

objective-c hc command-line tool working hex

russomi / App-Engine-runserver.py

Safe defaults for working with google's app engine dev_appserver.py script.

python safe defaults working google app

rjgonza / Lab

Projects and tests I am working on while learning

python projects tests working learning

zpiman / precise

small go library for working with uncertainty arithmetic

go small library working uncertainty arithmetic

hackers4peace / plp-provider

merging `plp-provider` and `webprofiled`, but first making beautiful maps and timelines

javascript definitions reference implementation provider working