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ceolter / ag-grid

a grid that works with angular js (1 & 2), react and pure javascript

javascript grid works angular js

davidchase / node-frameworks-study

Testing out different node frameworks to see which works best

javascript testing node frameworks works

dohzya / ruby-rails-starter

Starter project for Ruby on Rails – Works with any prismic.io repository

ruby starter project rails works prismicio

michelson / lazy_high_charts

Make highcharts a la ruby , works in rails 3.X, 4 and other ruby web frameworks

ruby make highcharts la works rails

toad1359 / AIndrew

This is an artificial intelligence in the works. It's goal is to talk, and learn. Some rigidness is to be expected.

java artificial intelligence works goal talk

Anachron / mimosa-marionette

Fork of https://github.com/Anachron/satisfy/, works as Skeleton for Mimosa.

coffeescript fork works skeleton mimosa

mindeavor / solid_use_case

A flexible use case pattern that works *with* your workflow, not against it.

ruby flexible case pattern works workflow

weber / compound-ex4

MVC framework. Built on Node.JS. Works on server and browser.

javascript mvc framework built nodejs works

bradhowes / notifier

A notification service built in Node.js that works with Microsoft WNS, Apple APN and Google GCM for push notifications. Supports device registrations, template management, and event notifications.

javascript notification service built nodejs works

diasdavid / simple-raytracer

simple-raytracer works as a standalone version of the JS raytracer found in distracer.io, which was inspired by jsRayTracer. It's purpose is to offer a simple raytracing interface that can be run locally in, in a distributed fashion on a server or even in browsers

javascript simple-raytracer works standalone version js

nblackburn / gridlock

A tiny, dynamic grid system that works with you, not against you.

html tiny dynamic grid system works

bertramdev / ng-labs-collection

Angular collection that works with ng-repeat and other cool features

javascript angular collection works ng-repeat cool

HBOCodeLabs / benchmark.js

A benchmarking library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms, supports high-resolution timers, and returns statistically significant results. As used on jsPerf.com.

javascript benchmarking library works platforms supports