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Dec 2016
Yaman Saqqa
Dec 08 2016 09:14

Morning people:
I had an extensive chat with @ilonabudapesti in London over the Identity project and we were able to coin it down:

In short it will be an app that creates a sort of “electronic passport" for any individual in three steps: (1) User takes a proof-of-life selfie (2) User takes a picture of formal Doc/Utility bill (3) Location GPS is attached

In the backend, the system puts together a score based on various results like facial similarity, location accuracy relative to bill address … etc. Then it creates a hash of the identity/score tuple on the blockchain. The format for the user will be in the form of an Arabic calligraphy stamp!

For the purposes of the competition, work will be concentrated on the blockchain bit and the rest of the functionality will be simulated.

We have three more days to register the team, so please confirm your participation to take this further.


Dec 08 2016 10:38
sounds good, count me in