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Repo info
    Abbas Ghulam
    Hello peeps. How are you doing. Need some directions to importing and building project from bitbucket.
    Abbas Ghulam
    Issues that i m facing
    • Event though i'm importing project from our own bitbucket it gets replaced with gogs url when building in jenkins.
    • If i edit the build job manually to correct the git URL i get stuck on authentication failed. I have added the ssh keys to source secret and jenkins-git-ssh.
    So I'm following this guide right here: https://fabric8.io/guide/getStarted/gofabric8.html I'm booting it up using minikube https://fabric8.io/guide/develop/createMicroservice.html10]
    Then I'm going to this section to "create a microservice"
    Before I can create an application it requires a couple containers to be created like nexus, gogs, jenkins and fabric forge. I get a 503 error on the Jenkins container but after upgrading the image version I've gotten that working. The only issue I have is getting the fabric forge container to start and to "create an application" it requires me to run the cd-pipeline which takes me to the screen that hangs at "Waiting for the CD Pipeline application to startup: Please be patient while the above pods are ready!"
    Is there a reason why out of the box 1) Jenkins is giving me a 503 error after the container is created and 2) how come fabric8-forge isn't creating a container