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Repo info
    is anyone online?
    James Strachan
    TBH we mostly hang out in slack or IRC really https://fabric8.io/community/index.html
    Hi Fabric8ers - I have asked for a lot of help over the past month, and I apologize for taking so much of your time. I believe I have found the root of our companies problem. We have had our applications running on OpenShift, using Fabric8 for CD, for about a year. Due to an accident we lost everything. Our original Jenkinsfile no longer works, and we believe we can make this work again we should be able to get up and running again. We have described this issue on fabric8io/fabric8-pipeline-library#69 - if anyone can assist it would be extremely appreciated.
    Harley Laue
    Anyone else getting a CNAME Cross-User ban error trying to go to https://fabric8.io/ ?
    Harley Laue
    Looks like someone is asking on slack as well, so nvm
    Samm Zhu
    Dejan Stojadinović
    Maven related PR: fabric8io/fabric8#6913 (solves issue: fabric8io/fabric8#6907)
    Alexander Kalinovski
    Hi! Is there any specific requirement for kubernetes version for fabric8 4.x?
    Installed kubernetes with using kops (version of kubernetes 1.7.4) and tried to deploy there fabric8 4.x but I faced some of the issues with it.
    {"err":"yaml: line 22: mapping values are not allowed in this context","level":"panic","msg":"failed to parse public token","pid":1,"time":"2017-11-08 18:45:34"}
    Francesco Persico
    Slack invite mail is not arriving
    So I'm following this guide right here: https://fabric8.io/guide/getStarted/gofabric8.html I'm booting it up using minikube https://fabric8.io/guide/develop/createMicroservice.html10]
    Then I'm going to this section to "create a microservice"
    Before I can create an application it requires a couple containers to be created like nexus, gogs, jenkins and fabric forge. I get a 503 error on the Jenkins container but after upgrading the image version I've gotten that working. The only issue I have is getting the fabric forge container to start and to "create an application" it requires me to run the cd-pipeline which takes me to the screen that hangs at "Waiting for the CD Pipeline application to startup: Please be patient while the above pods are ready!"
    Is there a reason why out of the box 1) Jenkins is giving me a 503 error after the container is created and 2) how come fabric8-forge isn't creating a container
    Francesco Persico
    I have a profile in failed status
    if i try to refresh it i receive this message
    javax.security.auth.login.FailedLoginException: User doesn't exist
    at io.fabric8.jaas.ZookeeperLoginModule.login(ZookeeperLoginModule.java:139)
    at org.apache.karaf.jaas.boot.ProxyLoginModule.login(ProxyLoginModule.java:83)[karaf-jaas-boot.jar:]
    @jstrachan what! I just saw your medium post!
    @jstrachan congrats on leaving RH !
    Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to discuss fabric8io-images project or not. If it is, first can someone please explain to me the relationship between these:
    Like what’s upstream to what, etc.
    who is available for giving a talk/running workshops at this conf:
    Dennis Bohnstedt Hansen
    Hi. Is anyone inhere? @jstrachan recommends contacting the team using Slack instead of Gitter above, but unfortunately i don’t have an account on the fabric8.slack.com workspace, but i have a couple of questions about the fabric8-maven-plugin - for instance whether or not it's intentional that it does not tag images with latest, when building release version (ei. not SNAPSHOT versions)? I've been trying to make it do so, by configuring the maven plugin, but it appears that using resource fragments does not work well with tags in the image build configuration. And I can't make it add custom labels to images either.
    I use fabric8 to write codes to watch Pod action. The codes are below. From the codes, I first add a watch to the 'pod1' pod, and then delete the pod. But the code doesn't run to eventReceived(Action action, Pod resource) function of the Watch. Can you tell me why? I can pay money for solving this problem.
    public void testWatchDelete() {
        //CREATE The Pod
        if (client.pods().inNamespace("auth").withName("pod1") == null) {
            client.pods().inNamespace("auth").create(new PodBuilder().withNewMetadata().withName("pod1").endMetadata().build());
        //READ Pods
        PodList podList = client.pods().inNamespace("auth").list();
        //WATCH the Pod
        Watch watch = client.pods().inNamespace("auth").withName("pod1").watch(new Watcher<Pod>() {
            public void eventReceived(Action action, Pod resource) {
                switch (action) {
                    case DELETED:
                        System.out.println("Pod Deleted!");
                        throw new AssertionFailedError(action.toString().concat(" isn't recognised."));
            public void onClose(KubernetesClientException cause) {
        //DELETE the Pod
        //READ AGAIN
        podList = client.pods().inNamespace("auth").list();
    大佬,fabric 8 watch API 中的ADD这个Action表示什么含义?我一开始的理解是增加一个资源,但我测试了一下触发了一堆ADD Action,不知道是怎么回事。