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Jul 2017
Tushar Gautam
Jul 13 2017 10:50

Hi @ldemailly, Thanks for making wdt available as open source!
While exploring wdt, I am getting version mismatch errors. Could you please shed some light and help me figure out the possible cause? Correct me if I am missing anything here or if you need detailed logs.

Receiver's side err logs
Sender's side err logs

Laurent Demailly
Jul 13 2017 16:56

@tushar-rishav it’s odd. a) you seem to be running 2 different versions, but b) even if you do it is supposed to work - wdt should negotiate it - unless somehow you’re not passing the complete connection url from receiver to sender ?

it’d be good to know why b) isn’t working but otherwise just make sure you have the same version on both side ?