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Nov 2014
Giovani Spagnolo
Nov 18 2014 15:16
well, yes, although there is not much consensus on using other vs the other. Microformats came first, then Google/MS/Yahoo introduced (I'm not sure which is the most used), but in any case they look at both (the validators tell you which schema you implemented In short, AFAIK, is a "update" of microformats by the big guys, in the future we probably can be "forced" to adopt Schema or both...
That's why I proposed to meet seveal eDem projects to talk about an "agreement" on how to represent eParticipation "objects", maybe under a website called "" or something to explain people doing eDem projects how to properly markup standard stuff (ie. calendar events using microformat hCal or event.) and perhaps propose a notation for objects not yet standardized (such as questions, proposals, votes, ammendments, ecc...).
Giovani Spagnolo
Nov 18 2014 15:25
I did some googling to update myself on that... seems like is winning indeed,,, and when I say "forced" it could be probably that way:
Nov 18 2014 21:18

here is google's explanation: "On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on webpages and provide richer results."

so is this the goal for better search-engine results?