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Nov 2014
Alexander Praetorius
Nov 15 2014 01:38
Email between Nina, Alex & Peter - 14 November 2014
what do you have in mind? if you would send some
pictures or a description or links to pages similar to
what you have in mind, that would help and then
we could estimate the effort it would take to create it._

will you use some other "social web services" to post
your event? (e.g. "eventbrite, twitter, facebook, ...")
that need to be listed or maybe even connected to
the page? does it need a "payment provider" (e.g. paypal) 
to pay for tickets or something?
The two pages I can direct you to for look and feel are:

There will have to be a link to eventbrite as  think
this is the easiest way to handle ticket sales.

I am working on the language for the site over the next
couple of days. I presume you could rip photos of
speakers from existing websites or I will get them from
the speakers themselves. It would be great to have
something ready for Monday. But I know there will
need to be updates to the site as more speakers
come in... what do you think?
. . .
Alexander Praetorius
Nov 15 2014 01:48

Email between Peter, Nina & Alex - 14 November 2014 @ 5pm

. . .
All excellent questions. I will need to create
all of these things, including getting the url
. . .
Very best,

Agreed by Peter during Skype Call - 14 November 2014 @ 9pm

 * get "domain registrar account"
 * register domain name(s)
 * configure the domain name to point to the server where the project website will be hosted
 * create a account to have access to the chatroom and this board
Nina Breznik
Nov 15 2014 02:02


1. Please REVIEW first 2 tasks

2. When there, please scroll down to PETER'S TASKS & provide short answers!