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May 2016
Nina Breznik
May 14 2016 10:25

How we understand WASL's PLAN:

  • to derive trustworthiness/credit rating score from social data,
  • to always update the score from CM's and newcomers'
    interaction with platform


  • lots of refugees in short time that need to be processed,
  • refugees often start with just a fingerprint and picture (lost passports etc.)
  • often have no credit history that can be accessed (no data),
  • no existing longterm relationships between WASL and local change
  • change makers and applicants don't know each other,
    not from the same country, different language, culture.
How does WASL rate trustworthiness of change-makers?
What kind of reports need newcomers provide?


Algorithms and statistics can provide all kind of scores
from data, but if the data quality is bad, the scores will be
useless. How do we get reliable data?


Given the above mentioned problems we suggest that
we need to find a way to generate high quality data about change makers
and newcomers from which we can derive valuable scores. The only
way we see we could do this, is to provide the newcomers with the business
app that integrates a bank account, ideally direct
reporting to the tax authorities and possibility to issue invoices.


The app can automatically generate high quality real time
reports + change makers and newcomers save time + it makes business success
more likely since newcomers basically get a free business management tool.