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May 2016
Nina Breznik
May 22 2016 00:25
Great. We will also try to... Otherwise, I have a Skype call with about Catalogue of (micro-)entrepreneurship opportunities for refugees in Germany I told you about. Do you have any questions that interest you specifically and I could ask?
May 22 2016 06:56
This is great Nina! Glad that they responded.
I certainly have some questions:
  • What type of micro-enterprises they normally get responses from? Is it Tech/IT enterprises or more into retail?
  • Do they have any information about the profile of entrepreneurs? (gender, age, education)?
  • What is the seed fund required to startup the business (this piece of information is very important for me to build the financial projections of WASL)?
  • Do they provide financial support to enterprises? If yes, how and how much? If not, would they be welling to partner with a financial arm like WASL?
    Those are the basic questions I would like to raise.
    Thank you and good luck.
Nina Breznik
May 22 2016 12:55
Perfect. Thanks