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Apr 2015
Wayne Robinson
Apr 20 2015 03:59
Can ZMQ be used to send responses to the correct proxy in a cluster of Pushpins without being the destination that receives the requests? Ideally I'd like requests to initially get sent via HTTP still and have my workers respond via ZMQ as they pull requests off an internal queue.
Justin Karneges
Apr 20 2015 05:26
Hi Wayne. Yes, if you use Pushpin's SUB socket, then published data will only be transmitted to Pushpin instances that have subscribers for the channel
note you can also just publish to all instances via http. our convenience libraries allow setting more than one HTTP publish target, so that a single publish call sends to all instances
i should also say that the pubsub approach used by pushpin was designed to allow what you're looking for (http handlers and publishers not necessarily living on the same machine)