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Nov 2015
Nov 03 2015 09:59
Pushpin is a really cool piece of tech! Idea is super cool.
I was checking out the github repo list of fanout, found 'GRIP-Java' library being init by @kbokarius , but is empty at the moment :)
Any pointers regarding the Java implementation ? or if a spec-sheet is available for implementing GRIP interface in any language
It'll be awesome
Konstantin Bokarius
Nov 03 2015 16:04
Hey @v1p the java-gripcontrol library is currently in progress. All of the code is actually already written (check the develop branch) and we're finishing up unit tests for the GripControl class. Once the unit tests are done we'll need to test all the features and complete the readme samples. I'd say 1 to 2 weeks before it's complete and published to maven.
Konstantin Bokarius
Nov 03 2015 16:09
In the meantime the code is all there in the develop branch and the contracts/signatures are unlikely to change at this point. Feel free to play with it now and I'll update you when it's published.