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Nov 2015
Nov 23 2015 06:38
About to head to bed but thought I'd ask the question - I have my development team looking at this closer as it looks like it could be a good match. We use Firebase a lot right now but are now growing and need to develop our own API's to access all our data and handle everything. We are using a lot from Amazon AWS (DynamoDB) and have been looking at message queue SNS, SQS for subscribe etc - would love to hear your guys thoughts on everything and where Pushpin can be a benefit (and possibly a loss)
Justin Karneges
Nov 23 2015 07:53
@bradynapier Hey there. Pushpin is ideal if you are creating an API-oriented architecture. The key with Pushpin is that it is only push. It's not a database and not really a queue either (you may still want to pair it with a backend queue like SQS).