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Nov 2015
Justin Karneges
Nov 28 2015 19:48
hmm most likely a ping issue. did you try not setting wsh.formatter.pingRequest?
my guess is something about the ping is going wrong, causing the connection to die, or websockhop times out the connection because it can't get a pong, or something like that
if you look at the websocket messages in the browser dev tools (e.g. in chrome's network tab) do you see ping/pong messages exchanged?
Justin Karneges
Nov 28 2015 19:56
ah, i do see one issue though. you're responding to application-level pings with websocket-level pongs
you should be responding to the ping with a TEXT event containing json, with type=pong and id={id of the ping}
rather than responding with a PONG event
@v1p hope that helps