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Nov 2015
Nov 30 2015 12:39
I tried this piece of code
 case 'ping':
                            log.debug "Ping from ${request.getRemoteAddr()}"
                            String controlMessage = "${GripControl.webSocketControlMessage('pong', [id: 'abce1234'])}"
                            responseMessage = GripControl.encodeWebSocketEvents([
                                    new WebSocketEvent('TEXT', controlMessage)
the handlePong method with wsh, never gets called with this
and in dev tools in chrome, this is the status of the calls made to the ws:// endpoint
chrome dev tools
Nov 30 2015 12:44
is this normal ? That many connections I meant
I haven't changed any code on the shared on wsh side, have shared the gist earlier
sorry, this is supposed to be a normal message instead of a control message I believe (?)
Justin Karneges
Nov 30 2015 23:21
you're not supposed to be sending a GRIP control message for the pong (though this might still work since the resulting format may look identical to what your client code is expecting)
GRIP control messages are prefixed with "c:" and meant to be intercepted by pushpin for processing. what you want to send here is a normal message that gets sent through to the client
if you click on an individual connection in chrome, what do you see for the exchanged messages?