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Dec 2015
Stas Zozulja
Dec 30 2015 08:44

Hi! first of all thank you for a great open source project.

We are planning to use WebSocket-over-HTTP protocol with Symfony2 web app with client apps on android and iOS.
Question about "Sec-Websocket-Accept" response header.

We have started to implement websocket interaction on android client, but faced a problem when app cannot connect to pushpin. By looking into code we found that it cannot handshake because client library expects capital letter S "Sec-Web S ocket-Accept" header, but instead we have pushpin response with small letter s - "Sec-Websocket-Accept". How can we solve this?

Justin Karneges
Dec 30 2015 18:14
Hi @stas-zozulja, that's definitely a bug in the client library (headers are case insensitive) but I've also just now fixed Pushpin to use the correct case