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Aug 2016
Dal Hundal
Aug 26 2016 11:08
That was great thanks Justin - an additional question if you don't mind - lets say I wanted to use the clients connection to pushpin to indicate presence, I can detect 'present' (set true on new connection, with unique channel name). I can detect 'not present' (by listening for an unsubscribe for that unique channel name) - any suggestions on how I could handle knowing the client is 'not present' if my process wasn't running when the unsubscribe took place (lets say it was restarting during that time)?
Justin Karneges
Aug 26 2016 15:58
@dalhundal the SUB socket will provide the current set of subscriptions every time you connect. it doesn't tell you when the end is reached but you could set up a timeout
e.g. any channels not listed within 20 seconds after connecting are cleared from the db as being not present