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Nov 2016
Nov 04 2016 19:16
Hello @jkarneges i´m trying out pushpin, looking great so far. I'm wondering about setting up websockets as primary streaming solution with fallback to http streaming Is it a easy way to setup this, or do i have to use sockjs which pushpin is supporting (tried to add sockjs support through config at a url path but couldnt get it to work).
i tried adding sockjs support like this in the routes: *, sockjs=localhost:7999/test
Justin Karneges
Nov 04 2016 20:29
sample route using the test handler: *,sockjs=/sockjs,sockjs_as_path=/ws test
@larshelg_twitter this will make a sockjs endpoint available at http://localhost:7999/sockjs that routes to the /ws test endpoint
if you only really care about websockets and just want old browser compat, then sockjs is the way to go
if you are making an API to be consumed by others, and want to offer both websocket and http streaming, then I'd suggest making a more formal separate http streaming api and not use sockjs