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Nov 2016
Justin Karneges
Nov 30 2016 00:26
@dfee at this time, pushpin isn't intended to be a substitute for a load balancer. you should probably keep using nginx for that functionality
that said, pushpin does have reasonably expressive routing rules and you can even specify multiple targets for a rule. perhaps this could evolve to replace common load balancer features
for Fanout Cloud, we use haproxy for load balancing as well as ssl termination
Nov 30 2016 12:29
Thanks again for quick reply, I´ll investigate more into using the SSE client. At the moment i´m playing around with zurl/webhooks. Its working great with python. However using java i get into a problem with the ipc protocol. I tried to change the zurl.conf configuration from something like ipc://usr/local/var/run/pushpin/pushpin-zurl-in to tcp://localhost:10001. It seems like the zurl.conf file is overwritten when i start pushpin. Googling the problem reveals that java does not support "unix domain socket". So it is a way to change the config in zurl.conf?
Justin Karneges
Nov 30 2016 17:09
@larshelg try editing zurl.conf.template and internal.conf to match (both files should be under /usr/local/lib/pushpin or such)
also for bind addresses you may need to put the actual IP (e.g. tcp:// I don't think zmq libraries resolve hostnames when binding, since the result may be ambiguous
hostnames are fine on the connect side though
Devin Fee
Nov 30 2016 21:21
I'm trying to filter traffic that's passed through pushpin, and traffic that hasn't. specifically, websocket traffic. does pushpin set specific headers on a request?
Justin Karneges
Nov 30 2016 22:27
you could look for Content-Type of application/websocket-events
if you want all pushpin traffic, you could look for Grip-Sig