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Mar 2017
Mar 19 2017 22:42
hi @jkarneges, I want to try out pushpin for my senerio
in my case I have 1,000,000 devices
and I need to push a message to specific devices
I'm guessing each one will be subscribed to it's own channel
and I should have multiple instances of pushpin
In the documention it's mentioned that a message queue can be used
but I'm trying to understand if I need to save the id of the pushpin server, so I would communicate to a specific client via the server it's connected ?
or there's a better way todo that ? via zmq ( I couldn't understood how to set it up for it) ?
Vaskevich Aleksander
Mar 19 2017 22:50
Connection via a web socket?
Mar 19 2017 22:51
long poll
Mar 19 2017 23:08
why does it makes a diffrent if it's longpoll of web socket ?
Justin Karneges
Mar 19 2017 23:52
@fruch yes, in your case each client should be subscribed to a unique channel for itself. if your total message rate is low, you could simply send each message to all pushpin instances. however it's more efficient if you monitor pushpin's own subscribe/unsubscribe events and send only to the instances that have subscribers of a given channel
i would advise against trying to track specific pushpin instances and instead just use pubsub
or i should say, track the instances by subscription not by client :)
and yes you'll need to use zmq to accomplish this, either by monitoring the stats socket for sub/unsub events, or by using the SUB input socket