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Apr 2017
Francis Eytan Dortort
Apr 19 2017 08:00
I'm running the latest Docker image on AWS ElasticBeanstalk, and after a few days the service no longer responds. The container is still running but the ports are unreachable. Any ideas?
I've also noticed @Paratron 's issue with 1.15 (using the latest Docker image). No DISCONNECT event sent using websocket-over-http config when closing a connection using wscat.
Justin Karneges
Apr 19 2017 18:21
@dortort ports unreachable sounds very weird if the processes are still running. never seen that before
@dortort do you get a CLOSE event at least? pushpin only sends one or the other. if you get neither, then there's a bug (and if so it would be great if you could reproduce with --verbose and send me m2adapter.log)