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Jun 2017
Mike Sutjipto
Jun 15 2017 22:29
Hey all, just had question: are there any real/practical limitations on the number of channels a single pushpin instance can handle? I was looking through the zmq PubSub documentation, and I'm inclined to say the answer is generally "no", but wanted to ask anyways
Justin Karneges
Jun 15 2017 23:19
hi @mikesss , correct there should be no practical limit. channel mappings take up memory but not as much as a connection. you could have 10k connections each subscribed to a unique channel (thus 10k channels) and should be fine
one thing to be aware of is more data will come out of the stats or sub socket, if you use those things
the sub socket in particular will dump the entire set of channels upon connect
Mike Sutjipto
Jun 15 2017 23:55
Great, thanks @jkarneges - makes sense about the sockets, appreciate the heads up