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Nov 2017
Nov 06 2017 08:30
how is it possible to subscribe to multiple channels?
just list the channels comma separated?
Nov 06 2017 09:13
okay, got it
Nov 06 2017 09:25
is it possible to unsubscribe a channel with a wildcard?
lets say i have channel names like "channel:xyz", "channel:uvw" and so on
and each user only subscribes one of those
is it possible to unsubscribe "channel:*" and then subscribe to a new one?
Justin Karneges
Nov 06 2017 17:33
hi @smogm , it's not possible to unsubscribe with a wildcard, but you could store the current channel using a websocket-over-http meta property
so when your backend first assigns the channel, it could include an HTTP response header Set-Meta-Foo: xyz, causing every subsequent request from pushpin to contain a request header Meta-Foo: xyz. when the backend wants to switch the channel of the connection, it could unsubscribe the channel it sees in that header
it feels a little strange to need to do that though. what exactly is your use case?