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Dec 2017
Dec 09 2017 16:11
So @jkarneges I'm almost ready in my setup. I tried proxying http request and sse through pushpin. Everything is working perfectly on the same machine. I then tried moving pushpin to one node and my backend on another node. I'm using digital ocean. Now, for the http request they are still working. For the sse request i get a response with the initial body, but the stream is not "holding". Even though the "content-type: exet/event-stream" is present i both cases. The only difference i can see when i use curl is that while on the same machine if get two extra headers "transfer-Encoding: chunked" and "Connection: Transfer-Encoding". Do you know of any special setup i need for sse to work between a pushpin node and a backend node on two different machines?
Justin Karneges
Dec 09 2017 18:32
@larshelg dumb question, but are you sure you're making the request through pushpin? another thing you can try is making a request to the backend from the pushpin node (run curl from the pushpin node)
it seems like the backend is not providing grip headers, or they are getting lost somewhere, so it would be good to see exactly what pushpin is receiving