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Jan 2018
Jan 27 2018 17:12
Hi @jkarneges . I wasnt paying attention to my pushpin proxy logs. I'm using zeromq and responding with tnet string. The error is 2018-01-27 18:06:22.570 zhttp/zws client req: received message with invalid format (tnetstring parse failed), skipping. This happens when the string contains special characters like the norwegian characters "øæå". I tried to utf8 encode my string. Strangely pushpin gives the same tnetstring parse error. Is there any recommended string encodings?
Justin Karneges
Jan 27 2018 18:46
that error means it failed to parse the data as a tnetstring. so, if you closely examine the packet you should be able to figure out what's wrong
if you paste the packet somewhere I can have a look. make sure you export it as printable text, e.g. with hexdump -C or python repr() or something