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Jan 2018
Jan 28 2018 12:33
Thanks @jkarneges I made a really simple example here:
Jan 28 2018 12:41
I'm using zeromq binding for node. If i setup a simple producer/worker there seems to be no problem for zeromq to handle special characters like "øæå".
Justin Karneges
Jan 28 2018 19:24
Okay I think I see the issue. Tnetstrings are length-prefixed, and in the second example, the body value uses a length of 3 but then supplies a 4 byte string. probably the length is calculated on the unicode string, before utf-8 conversion
so I'd consider this a bug in the tnet library. it may be possible to work around the issue by utf-8 encoding the string before passing to the tnet library. tnetstring "strings" are natively bytearrays, so the library should hopefully accept that