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Mar 2018
Justin Karneges
Mar 23 2018 00:46
hi @marrinn , sounds like buffering somewhere, possibly on the client side. does it work if you use wscat to connect and display messages?
Mar 23 2018 09:43
Hi @jkarneges many thanks for the quick reply. I tried with wscat and it worked perfectly, so thanks very much for your help. Just one further question, if I may, how can you configure pushpin to run in debug mode in the Docker container? I've tried to pass the debug flag as an argument in the target environment variable but it's not recognised and causes pushpin to disregard the target. It appears that the route file is overridden when running in Docker also.
Justin Karneges
Mar 23 2018 17:34
@marrinn the docker image is pretty limited and can basically only set the target. if you need more options, please file issues (or PRs ;)) to docker-pushpin and we'll see what we can do!