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Jun 2018
Daniel Ram
Jun 14 2018 01:04
Hey there is anyone available? I am close to integrating pushpin in our app
but when I send a message through the pushpin-publish mychannel "event...\ndata.." it is not picked up by the client as anevent
Justin Karneges
Jun 14 2018 01:30
@danieldram make sure you get the SSE format correct. pushpin-publish test 'event: message'$'\n''data: hello'$'\n' should work (SSE requires double newline at the end but pushpin-publish automatically adds a trailing newline)
when debugging, it's a good idea to connect to the stream with curl so you can ensure data is really being pushed, since the browser won't show you anything unless the format is correct
Daniel Ram
Jun 14 2018 02:46
thanks @jkarneges got everything flowing! just now finalizing the output. You and @jorgecuesta were a great help. Thank you for your time!