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Jul 2018
Jul 11 2018 20:32
Hey @all, I have a problem with my Node.js WebSocket application. I'm using Pushpin as the docker version and my app is also in a container. I'm trying to run the demo's and But with both I have the problem. The clients can connect (for example the Simple WebSocket client addon for Chrome) and send a message which is sent back as a response. Now, when I sent a POST request with Postman to Pushpin, the subscribed clients do not get the message but I get a 'ok' (like in the examples) as a response for my POST request. That means that "expressGrip.publish('<channel>', new grip.HttpStreamFormat(data + '\n'));" has no effect.... Thanks.
Justin Karneges
Jul 11 2018 23:55
hi @picarsite , to publish data to websocket connections be sure to use grip.WebSocketFormat