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Jul 2018
Jul 16 2018 11:44
Hi, is it possible to kick a user off the open HTTP connection programmatically? eg. in the case the authentication expires
Jul 16 2018 12:16
Anyone have benchmarks related to this reverse proxy ? any thoughts and experience on it ? I'm considering using it ..
Justin Karneges
Jul 16 2018 17:50
@tHeMaskedMan981_gitlab looks like port 7999 is open to the world. are you sure you're getting a Connection Refused error? I could imagine reasons for some other error, but not that one
Justin Karneges
Jul 16 2018 17:56
@picarsite configuration seems probably right. could it be a networking issue for the backend container to make connections to the pushpin container? from the backend container you could try to run curl against pushpin:5561 to be sure
Hi @saulimus , you can publish a close action to a channel to disconnect clients: