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Aug 2018
Jorge S. Cuesta
Aug 07 2018 00:05 UTC
@jkarneges has pushpin some command to restart it without restart container?
or I need to kill it by pid and start again?
Justin Karneges
Aug 07 2018 03:38 UTC
hi @jorgecuesta , you must terminate (SIGTERM) and restart the process, yes
Aug 07 2018 08:57 UTC
@jkarneges - thanks for the info - how did you test the concurrency? Is there an existing package/lib or you built something?
@jkarneges - another Q. You said the number was for CPU usage - was that just to hold the connections open or was there activity? If so, how much?
Jorge S. Cuesta
Aug 07 2018 17:23 UTC
thanks @jkarneges