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Sep 2018
Ross Squires
Sep 04 2018 01:41
hey guys, i'm new to pushpin. is there a control message that can subscribe a specific client to a channel without doing the control message "in-band"? for example, can i publish a control message to pushpin that looks something like c:{"type": "subscribe", "channel": "another_channel", "client": "client_id"}?
Justin Karneges
Sep 04 2018 16:20
hi @rossimo , publishing control messages is not possible, mainly due to reliability concerns around that. instead, you can trigger the session to make a request to the origin. note that this only works with websocket-over-http sessions
the request is acknowledged, and if you have more than one pushpin instances you'd need to issue it to each one, or keep track of which cid is from which instance