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Oct 2018
Piotr Grzesik
Oct 01 2018 09:42
thanks @smtchahal, does it also work well with just DNS record for ELB ?
about the ceritficate, I stumbled upon the same thing
Sumit Chahal
Oct 01 2018 10:53
@pgrzesik That's what the problem seems to be; routing Pushpin to ELB's DNS name (e.g. seems to result in mysteriously random timeouts that suggest that Pushpin couldn't find the ELB. I'm now using the ELB's (non-static) IP address and that seems to be working fine for now, but the timeouts are seemingly unpredictable and random, so I'm not sure if the problem is Pushpin failing to resolve the DNS record or something else entirely.
Justin Karneges
Oct 01 2018 15:35
@smtchahal are the ELB IPs actually changing?
Justin Karneges
Oct 01 2018 15:49
if you're seeing connection errors, best to look at verbose zurl logs
Daniel Ram
Oct 01 2018 19:19
First question is pushpin can’t run by itself as it’s a reverse proxy, the ELB needs to sit infront of the node server it is proxying
the timeout is due to the TTL for network requests from server to browser both have to maintain a connection so the server is instructed to send empty new lines every period of like 10s the browser is instructed to keep the connection alive the longest it allows
This can be configured it’s in the pushpin docs somewhere