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Nov 2018
Nov 16 2018 14:17
Thanks @jkarneges actually we are currently using Grip and still had issues after six. Wonder der if we're doing something wrong. Was going to try Bayeux later today if can't get it going
Nov 16 2018 15:52
basically it was the client that could not subscribe with one event listners that GETs from multiple channels
@jkarneges wondering if you have any examples by chance?
Justin Karneges
Nov 16 2018 15:55
@Mapiac ah yes, browsers often limit to 6 connections per domain. better to listen to multiple channels on one connection
have the server respond with e.g. 'Grip-Channel': 'channel1, channel2, channel3'
Nov 16 2018 15:58

Thank you! This might work we are going to try right away.
Will respond back if works for others...

Also for reference and those looking (this is not in Fanout docs) but is in Pushpin doc;
"Grip-Channel: A channel to subscribe the request to. Multiple Grip-Channel headers may be specified in the response, to subscribe multiple channels to the request. At least one Grip-Channel header MUST be present if Grip-Hold is present. This header type may include parameters. The only defined parameter is prev-id, which specifies the ID of data that was last published to the specified channel (used to avoid a race condition). The prev-id parameter is OPTIONAL and only applies to the response mode."