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Nov 2018
Justin Karneges
Nov 30 2018 03:29
@picarsite yup you can add multiple and one publish call will send to all
Jorge S. Cuesta
Nov 30 2018 18:48
@reve99 there is a working sample
@reve99 please set your route to * localhost:8080,over_http
Start it npm run start
change before start Grip (line 6 of pushpin_over_http.ks) and WebSocket (index.html) uris to point to your pushpin instance.
start server npm run start
so load index.html in any browser and click on Run WebSocket, that will connect to pushpin and sent a ping message, server will answer you with a pong, also you could do curl -XGET http://localhost:8080/ws?connID=<your-connID>&text=anything and see that message on your console of browser that came from websocket.
Jorge S. Cuesta
Nov 30 2018 18:53
You could see your connID on WS frame at your browser.
@reve99 if need something else just talk me