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Jan 2019
Peter Yu
Jan 08 00:31
Hi, pushpin is crashing with the following error. Any idea how to fix it?
pushpin-proxy: ../websocketoverhttp.cpp:312: void WebSocketOverHttp::Private::writeFrame(const WebSocket::Frame&): Assertion `state != Closing' failed.
Jan 08 05:33
Hi Guys, i am trying pushpin using docker command docker run -dt -p 7999:7999 --name pushpin fanout/pushpin but getting error Error while proxying to origin when trying curl -i http://localhost:7999. Its basic step and i can't figure out whats wrong, any help how to fix it
Justin Karneges
Jan 08 05:53
hi @vineethqb , do you have a backend set up? by default, the docker container proxies to app:8080
Jan 08 06:28
@jkarneges , thanks for the fast response. I missed that case. specifying target fixed it
Jan 08 07:34
and how to specify web socket over http for given target ip port using docker