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Dec 2015
Sergey Romanenko
Dec 22 2015 08:56
@/all Hello Everyone!
Several news:
1) I am sick, so I will be out of business for a while...
2) in 2016 year I will focus on Russian Auditory 50/50 or more.
3) after talks with my Lawyer here in Russia, he recommended me to rename/re-brand the project. Because it may cause a problems in Russia, when I will start a promo campaign. But I will think more about this, and then I will take a decision.
Pavel Belousov
Dec 22 2015 18:34
@Awilum п.3 из-за созвучности с наркотиком?
stupid russian politics
Sergey Romanenko
Dec 22 2015 19:09
@pafnuty ага
Moncho Varela
Dec 22 2015 20:06
take your time :+1: