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Dec 2015
Sergey Romanenko
Dec 31 2015 16:29

@/all Hello Everyone!

2015 Summary:

  • Morfy has stable release 2.0.2
  • Morfy has 50 Awesome plugins! Thanks to @nakome @pafnuty @tovic @xxwebplus @maxicms @volter9
  • and several themes.
  • Started work on Morfy Russian Website.

Plans for 2016 year:

  • Release new Awesome Plugins and Themes.
  • Keep improving Morfy Core.
  • Continue working on Morfy Russian Site.
  • Promoting Morfy in Russia, to find new developers and users.
  • There is a posibility that Morfy will be re-branded/renamed.

Happy New Year! See you all in 2016! :snowflake: :christmas_tree:

Dec 31 2015 16:37
Awesome, new year to you too, @Awilum :)
Dec 31 2015 19:20
happy new year all!
Moncho Varela
Dec 31 2015 21:20
@/all Happy year :smile: