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Jan 2016
Sergey Romanenko
Jan 18 2016 19:20
@/all Hello Guys!
Finally! Migration and Re-branding process is started!
Morfy project is renamed to Fansoro. After long time of thinking, I have stop my self on this name. This is an old name that I have used. A long time ago in my first programming steps... My first working library was Fansoro, it was in game industry... nostalgy... So lets go with it. FANSORO - ФАНСОРО.
Few days will take Migration and Re-branding. Then I will get back to Work on Fansoro Project!
Sergey Romanenko
Jan 18 2016 19:30
@/all @nakome @pafnuty @tovic @xxwebplus @maxicms @volter9 please update your plugin names and descriptions to Fansoro.
Sergey Romanenko
Jan 18 2016 20:23
Fansoro Logo
Moncho Varela
Jan 18 2016 22:00
@awilum Ok when have time i will update the plugins
Pavel Belousov
Jan 18 2016 22:18
@Awilum ок, постараюсь как можно быстрее обновить.
А откуда образовалось такое название?